About Dottie

Crafter & Quilter




Hello! I am Dottie McHugh - San Francisco-based grandmother, mother, and avid crafter and quilter. I make things that comfort, celebrate, and inspire creativity in young people and adults. I started sewing when I was 13 and wanted to earn the Girl Scouts sewing badge. My mom found a fabric store that gave lessons in how to make a dress, and I have not stopped sewing since. When my two daughters were young and their Halloween dreams big, I made some pretty complicated costumes – everything from Gizmo (from the Gremlins movie) to the Energizer Bunny. Now that I have two beautiful granddaughters, I make quilts, bags, cuddly friends, and still the occasional costume for my younger daughter who now lives in New Orleans where everyone remains forever young.

I love to share my craft with others, through working together on a design or teaching my process. Please reach out if you'd like to learn more or discuss a project!